Friday, January 31, 2014

February Valentine Giveaway

February comes with thoughts of love. Valentines, sweethearts, and chocolates are everywhere, but what about you? We think you deserve a little love, too, so we decided to run Valentine’s giveaway and offer you the chance to win some great prizes absolutely free.
Yes, all this love has made us a little giveaway crazy. So crazy, in fact, that we can’t stick with one winner—we’re picking 52 winners. The Valentine Giveaway, running February 2-9, will award the winners each either a gift or gift card worth twenty-five dollars.











To Enter:
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Kitchen Remodel

When we bought this house in 2009, it was a foreclosed, completely trashed house.  Most everything had to be ripped out/gutted and redone.  Since I was 8 months pregnant when we finally closed on the house we had a severe time crunch.  Our initial goal was 2 months and in(ha!), but that was not the case.  After we ripped all the cabinets from the kitchen, on some walls you could still see the outline of cabinets.  We should have skim coated, but there was no time.  Finally, 4 years later we found an inexpensive way to not only fix it, but throw up a backsplash too!    So not even 24 hours after hubby making the statement "I am tired of working on this house!", we are at it again ;)

Hubby annoyed "I can't believe you talked me into this"


After(forget to get a before shot)
One thing great about this is that it was completed in just a weekend!  I ran the miter saw and hubby was in charge of hanging it.  The project itself went by very fast!

Click here for the blog post that was our guide!