Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bugs be gone

I really want to start a garden. It's nothing something new; it's always been on my mind. Though I have one eensy-weensy little phobia stopping me: 8 legged creatures from the Nightmare Abyss. If I see a spider in the room, it only takes about 1.8 seconds before I am no longer in the same zip code.

Maia proudly told me she killed a moth today. To which I replied, "That’s great! Now you can kill all the spiders for mommy."

Bragging now, she said, " I killed a bug yesterday with my finger." I gagged. She laughed.

After our conversation it hit me: now that I have my mini bug hit man—woman—what's stopping me? I could find something to bribe her with, and then unleash her to annihilate every creepy-crawly in the neighborhood! Hahahaha! All this power could go to my head. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


It turns out being in a creative funk for a few weeks was a good thing because I was forced to stop, step back, and take a break.  Now I have so many thing on the mind and hobbies to start I don't know where to begin!  Between skirts for my girls & myself.  Car seat canopy's, complete crib sets, ruffle blankets, and the new crayon rolls to go with our eco-baggies for back to school, it is going to be one fun Summer!  We are also going to be carrying Ruffle Diaper covers in MORE of a selection of color & size,  up to 2t!  Don't forget the beautiful vintage lace Rompers, perfect for photo shoots and everyday wear!  Soon we will have Premium Pettiskirts, not those standard ones that are, yes, cute, but not as full or poofy as a princess should have.  The premium skirts have 35+ yds of nylon chiffon w/ layer upon layer and SO full & extra poofy!!  The best part is they come in as big as 6T!  Not to mention I'm always designing hair accessories for our 3 beauties & yours =)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creativity Funk

The past few weeks I've been in a creativity funk, I want need to try something different and have been searching with what has felt like no end in sight.  Seeing all the amazing things that others have created has inspired me.  See!  All those hours spent searching on pinterest was for a good cause, haha.  Between the baby bedding, skirts for me, coordinating skirts for the girls, and crayon rolls it is almost overwhelming!  Now that Spring is here is it also time to start making the back to school supplies.  It feels wrong on so many levels to have to think about back to school supplies when my girls are still in school.....