Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eventful Ride Home

It would figure that I spend the the trip home telling the girls to be quiet and not wake the baby up, when 15 mins from home I look back to see a spider crawling down Kileys blanket. Needless to say I reacted first, thought later and woke her up. BUT at least he died a horrible death by book.  Normally I wouldn't even think of going near one but I knew if I didn't he would be hiding, lurking, waiting for me when I was driving and THEN come out.  For the rest of the ride I was watching the laptop bag like a hawk, once upon arrival hubby immediately checked for the carcase.   Though it might have been mainly to get me to stop whining. 

Kalahari Here We Come

After 3 years of working non stop we finally took a break and had a family vacation!  This was our youngest(Kiley) first ever vacation, unless you count the 1st time we went when she was in the womb.  We went to the Kalahari Resort for 2 days, 3 nights, and our trip ended up being even better then expected!  As we were checking in my husband casually asked if there was an possibility for us to be upgraded to the bigger rooms.  After speaking with the manager and much to our surprise they upgraded us to the lodge(FREE).  They had a deal on their Kalahari Facebook page for free tickets for the 6th, but we weren't going to be there that day, so they threw in tickets to their NEW adventure park too!  I'm pretty sure the room we were in was bigger then both of the apartments we lived in before buying a home.  The room came fully equipped with all the basics you need to cook, your only job was to stock the fridge.  We had an awesome view of the Resort from the balcony.  Vince & I were suppose to take turns making breakfast, but he surprised me and made breakfast both days.  The only downside to the trip was me forgetting the cameras at home.  These photos were taken by hubbys phone, I swear I'm really not that terrible at taking pictures lol