Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back 2 School Giveaway Winners

Business Name                                                        Winner
Adornwithaandm                                          Tiffany Rustin
All Ribboned Out                                           Stephanie Mee Page
Always With Me                                               Veronica Purdy
Art By Amanda Hilburn                                Kati Hewitt
Baby Dream Photography                              Amanda Tschritter
Birdie Baby Boutique                                   Dianne Vought
Blingy Girl Things                                        Beth Storey-Wyble
Bows or Knot                                               Joni Thompson Bennett
BuggyD Creations                                            Jessica Lynn Jopp
Buttercup Bling                                              Kerri Amenta Marsh
Cherished by Design                                     Jerica Bowie Rossi
Chubby Baby                                                  Alicia Ryan
Courtney Marie Jewelry                                 Angela Michele
Create Kids Couture                                         Amy Nelson
Cupcake Castles Jerica                                      Summer tincher
Cupcake Express                                             Tyson And-Stefanie Coles
Daisy & Berries                                                   Mishalyn Sheley-Lucas
E Couture Designs                                            Ashley Christensen
Emily Lucarz Photography                             Megan Ella-Model Chafin
Fabulous Fun Finds                                      Mary Elizabeth Bradley
Forty Toes Photography                                 Cara Moore
FotoTale Designs                                       Brittany Chandler
Fresh Outta the Oven                                    Stephanie Mee Page
Gracie Ann Designs                                    Nikki Caldwell Parham
Happy Birthday Boutique                         Lauren Ashley Sindle-Hayward
High Class Trash                                           Darbie Brown
Izzy B Tees                                                   Lynn OBrien
Ja'Dior Couture Tots                                    Nancy Partin
Jewerly & Baby Bling By Dara                        Stacy Lowry Reeves
Jujubee Bow Boutique                                Theresa Lynn Thomas Gibson
Junk and Roses                                           Stacey Turner
kansas studios | kansas pitts photography & design    Paula Plunk
Kemaily                                                              JadeStar Soule
Kinsley River Designs                                     Timothy Gould
KK Children Designs                                    Tracy Heyer
Liam's Loft                                                             Jessie Emmitt
Lil Britches Western Wear                                 Shenna Melton
Little DeMoura Designs                                Betsy Beavan Wallace
Little Lizard King                                           Yvonne Davis
Little Love's Designs                                       Rachel Farnan
Little Sweetie's Boutique                              Amtal Saboor
Meddie's Playhouse                            Angie Munjone Delgado
Origami Owl Independent Team Leader             Jessica Lene Rose
Pearls and Piggytails                                             Kat Rogers
Petite Bebe                                                        Victoria Hasty
Pink toes and hair bows                                      Amber Mercier
Preppy Personals                                            April Baylor-Gilmore
Pretty Princess Bowtique                                  Donna turner
Prissy in Pink                                                        Catriona Alison
ReBlinged                                                     Shanna Uptergrove
Royal Spice Clothing                                  Grace Geldenhuys-Lloyd
Sassy Cat Boutique                               Romanita Naquin Romero
Scents you love                                    Tammy Carle Comeaux
Skye Reve Fabrics                                            Jill Hamilton
SoCo Vintage                                             Nicole Hanson
Summerana                                                   Amtal Saboor
SWEET PEA BLOSSOMS                        Lauren Gierlinger
Sweetest Creations Boutique                          Ashley Conard
The Itty Bitty Boutique                                   Rosanna Carter
The Purple Polka Dot                                       Kibi Vallejo
The Sassy Chic boutique                              Katherine Beetle
Three Bees Boutique                                    Kelly Marinelli-O'Donnell
Tickled Pink Girls                                      Tracy Hyde McKinney
Toads Stool Pond                                       Jamie Lynn Dillon
Violette Field Threads                                 Jenny Hughes
Whimsy Couture                                        Heather Comer
Willow & The Owl                                        Melissa Thompson
Wraps By Mena -                                               Erin Pritchett

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