Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our New Family Business

For over a year I’ve had friends and family telling me I should sell the baby blankets I make and how much they love them.  Last September(2010) I finally started doing just that!  I have officially started a website called “Kemaily”, it is a combination of all of our girls names.  Now we have a Facebook page and it has been a huge success!  The girls and I LOVE it! Going to pick out all the cute fabrics for blankets, burpies, or hair accessories is so much fun.  The possibilities are endless!!  When I first started I only had blankets, now I am up to minky burpies, minky blankets, taggies, lovies, crochet headbands, kufi hats, hair accessories, & many more ideas in the works!  We recently had an order for a cell phone case cover, kindle cover, boys tie, & more!  I love the unexpected, to be able to create anything from just a few yards of material. 

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