Friday, September 9, 2011

Santa Rocks!

Is it bed time yet?  Todays fun adventure was grocery shopping, in a down pour, w/ 3 little kids.  I wasn't really paying attention to what my child was wearing to the store.  I seen they had appropiate clothing for the weather and we just ran out the door.  Pink floral sweatshirt, turquoise boots, orange floral shorts, and the best for last..............
Santa Rocks shirt in September =) 

As soon as we get home from grocery shopping I get out, jump over the big puddle praying Kiley doesn't see it(yeah right), drag her out of her seat and set her down since we are all carrying in grocerys.  We make it 6 feet away, 1/2 way to the house now and your about to have let out that sigh of relief when you senses send you a warning message, and then it happens.  She sees the water and you know you've lost and nothing good could possibly come out of it.  Kiley pivots around like some basketball star doing a last minute fakeout and runs and jumps in the big puddle, score!  As we were leaving for soccer she decided to up her game and sit and splash =) Besides it was only the first game of the season and we were running late, what better way to make an impression then a muddy toddler =)

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