Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing Obsessed

January first, where we make our yearly 'goals' if you will.  I've been a firm believer in not putting things off that can be done today.  I will admit that I still make a goal list too.  You start seeing all the ads for losing weight, healthy snacks/cereals go on sale, workout gear and accessories go on sale.  Along with articles on 'how to organize' being everywhere you look.  I am obsessed with organizing books.  It makes no sense when you think about it since theres only so many ways you could possible organize something, and more then likely each book is saying the same thing just in different words.  Yet...I still get sucked in each and every year. 

  • Every year I print off a calendar and plan 3 months worth of meals to hang in the cabinet by the stove.  After 3 years of tracking store sale prices I have a pretty good idea what is going to go on sale/when which makes it so much easier. 

  • I keep all my recipes in a small accordion file also kept in a cabinet by my stove w/ everything divided up by meat types/baking/etc.

  • Since we have 3 bathrooms I keep all the cleaning supplies in a handy carrying case to tote from bathroom to bathroom, so no supplies are left in the house where little hands can get them.

  • All the kitchen drawers have specific uses, one is for baking(with separate baskets for measuring cups), then silverware, the one by the stove contains all the items you would need while cooking.  Another hosts all of our address books, office supplies, cords, etc, one misc kitchen gadget drawer, and the final 2 have ALL the girls hair accessories.  Kind of an odd place to put them but when you have 3 children and you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, baking, working, homeschooling, it becomes the most used room in the house.  All of the cabinets are packed depending on uses too into baking, cooking, staples, snacks, and dishes. 

  • Entryway has hooks for coats, baskets for each person, and everyone has their own rack to keep their shoes on. 

  • Laundry room has baskets on wheels from Ikea where everything is already separated by type/color.  The girls all have their own basket, so no more sorting laundry on who's who.  Makes laundry that much easier/faster!

  • Make/Update a Spring, Summer, Fall, winter checklist.

  • New folders/labels to keep important documents.

  • Plan our shopping trips to malls for the entire year(to purchase after season clothes/items at a fraction of a price!)

  • I use a small accordion like envelope for coupons AND one for non food items/clothing receipts/ misc receipts you might need/ paint samples(in case you need to do a touch up you know what color you used!), coupons(since bed bath beyond seems to mail those like crazy!), etc. 

  • Add every ones birthdays to the calendar.

I love new tips for things!  Feel free to share yours!

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