Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter vacation

If you missed the post about our last vacation where hubby made up for missing Sweetest Day by taking over all my duties(minus the sewing) I just have to say, he did it again =)  I know I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing spouse, though sometimes I forget that, say when they attack you w/ morning breath bc, hey, they just wanna kiss or the many other bodily functions men are to in tuned with and feel the need to share.  I woke up the other day to not only see him filling out the meal calendar but making a grocery list!  Now hes made list before don't get me wrong, that usually consist of brats, buns, and beer the essentials.  This time, I looked like the slacker compared to his list.  Not only did he drag all 3 girls shopping, during their lunch time, but he came home and spent 2 hours chopping everything up.  I will admit I was very impressed. Until it hit me I would be expected to take over this task for the rest of the time.

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