Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines!  Yes, I am that annoying person(just ask my husband!).  I figure Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, & our Anniversary are 3 days out of 365 he can romance me with sweets, flowers, cards, or something along those lines.  Some people think what is the point when you can show it all year round.  In our house, when your spouse receives 2 days off a month its easy to forgot those things that a certain someone might like since days just blur together.  The girls and I are at home ALL day or at least it feels like it so for us it's easier to whip his favorite cookies or dinner.  My husband is an amazing provider for our family and is gone most days into the evening hours and goes to school on top of it.  So for him being 'romantic' is a bit more of a challenge since he doesn't know when he will get home or get another day off, etc.  Monday I jokingly told him, pick up my favorite cake and Breaking Dawn and I will be ecstatic.  After the kids went to bed he disappeared to his car and came back with those 2 items!  Since I guessed my gift I received them early =)  Perfect Valentines for me!

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