Friday, February 10, 2012


Remember the days when Friday nights meant you were going out for a date, possibly to dinner and a movie.  Now it consist of a crabby toddler waking up from nap and trying to get dinner into them as soon as possible.  Or pray daddy gets home fast with whatever he picked up to eat.  Then begins the bathtime fun while you wait and wait......and wait some more for each child to bathe which feels like an eternity.  Then after all that is over with you can work out.  Now our girls are insisting in working out with us.  We were doing P90X, I'm sure you've heard of that torture work out at least once.  It actually wasn't bad after awhile, you started to enjoy it, but then it becomes boring and their voices become annoying. You can only make fun of the voices so much before it becomes old.  So we(I) decided to try Insanity.  WHAT a nightmare, between dodging 1 kids feet and another running into me and the baby trying to knock you over w/ hugs and keep up, it's very interesting.

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