Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maia Haircut

After months of fighting with the girls to chop off a few inches, and Miss Maia watching Em with her short hair, she to decided she to wanted short hair.  Since the fabulous Rachel Notle was already doing mine she went ahead and cut Maia's =)  She went even shorter then her sister!  The look on daddy's face was priceless.

Not one to be out done, Miss K insisted she get her hair cut too!  We did a fake cut for her ;) 

It took FOREVER to finally find a great hair stylist down here, but I found Rachel 3 years ago and we will be using her for good!  Rachel works for the Jcpenny Salon in Roseville, MI.  She is a FT SAHM mommy of 2 beautiful babies and works alternating weekends at Jcpenny!  For limited time, make an appointment with Rachel, let her know Kemaily referred you and you will receive your choice of 1 complimentary treatment FREE!  Call 586.296.2907 ext 3 to set up your appointment!!
Glossing Treatment
Deep Conditioning
Eyebrow Shaping

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