Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bugs be gone

I really want to start a garden. It's nothing something new; it's always been on my mind. Though I have one eensy-weensy little phobia stopping me: 8 legged creatures from the Nightmare Abyss. If I see a spider in the room, it only takes about 1.8 seconds before I am no longer in the same zip code.

Maia proudly told me she killed a moth today. To which I replied, "That’s great! Now you can kill all the spiders for mommy."

Bragging now, she said, " I killed a bug yesterday with my finger." I gagged. She laughed.

After our conversation it hit me: now that I have my mini bug hit man—woman—what's stopping me? I could find something to bribe her with, and then unleash her to annihilate every creepy-crawly in the neighborhood! Hahahaha! All this power could go to my head. :)

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