Monday, October 31, 2011

One of 'those' weeks....

This has been one of 'those' weeks where you feel like your going to break!  All 3 girls have taken turns having some form of a cold and cough.  When the baby gets sick, everyone pays.  It doesn't help matters shes in this phase of hitting and scratching.  E & M have so many battle wounds from lil Miss this week alone.  It's funny how when you have kids you forget these awful stages. Then again I suppose if we remembered everything as if it was yesterday no one would procreate. It has also dawned on me December is right around the corner with a craft show, and......I'm no where near ready!  I will not lose it I will not lose it.....Miss Maia's birthday is next week and has informed me of her mile long list that she would like.  What she doesn't know is I purchased her birthday gift back in July =)  We have been horrible at following a school schedule this week so next week will be a fun catch up week.

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