Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We want cake!

A couple months ago my wonderful children were doing what they weren't suppose to*GASP* playing on the stairs!  Needless to say they managed to knock out a post on the railing going upstairs that was just put in.  Of course we don't know who did it, what happened, and no one is going to fess up.  Tonight daddy decided to sneak downstairs while doing school work and get himself some coffeecake but wasn't going to share with the baby since he had to 'work on school'.  I say that loosely because I'm pretty sure he's just up there playing with his IPOD or searching the Internet for running gear or drooling over computer parts.  Well lil miss not one to let ANYTHING stand in her way macgyvered her way through the hole and then proceeded to run up the stairs which is when I heard the pitter patter of feet above me.  I'm pretty sure she was following the smell of cake at this point.  She made it, got her cake, and ate it while smiling the entire time. 

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