Monday, November 7, 2011

Small Businesses: an Economy of Quality

When you buy from a small business you are reinvesting in the American economy. You are supporting the American entrepreneurs—and often their families—who make your wonderful custom items, along with fabric manufacturers, the U.S. Postal Service, etc.

Shopping at small businesses during the holidays makes a bigger impact in the American economy than supporting Wal-Mart and other large chain stores does. Shopping from huge companies supports the holiday homes, flashy cars, yacht, and luxurious lifestyles of the CEOs. Buying from a small business means you are helping an American mom put food on the table, to pay for gas, rent, school supplies, and all the costs that come with everyday life.

Small businesses that hand-make their products also offer a higher quality than stores which mass-produce their items. Machines can rarely match the quality of a hand-made item with hours of effort, concentration, and care worked into it by the designer

Take a look at Kemaily’s satin headbands, for example. You can find similar products in the store, of course. But those aren’t built to last. Most commercial headbands are made from spools of satin, which leaves the edges vulnerable to fraying. Kemaily headbands are made with true satin off the bolt, and rolled to prevent fraying. This gives the headbands a cleaner, sturdier edge. Commercial headbands are usually glued together, as well. If the headbands get too hot, too cold, too wet, or handled too roughly, they begin falling apart. Every Kemaily headband is hand-stitched to ensure it stays together through adventurous playtimes.

Great care is taken to ensure each headband is made just right. Yes, this does mean that the headband costs a little more than the one in the giant chain store. But how ling will the chain store’s last before it starts fraying at the edges? Small business owners put much time and effort into ensuring that every individual customer is given quality work.

Small business owners also work hard to make certain each customer is satisfied. Call a corporations business and you might reach a customer service representative. More likely, you’ll be talking to a computer. Call a small business to express your concern, and you’ll probably be speaking with the owner.

Quality of service counts just as much as quality of product. Speaking as a small business owner, my first goal is that my customers are happy with Kemaily as a whole. I want them to be satisfied with the product. But I also want them to have a pleasant shopping experience. If someone calls me with a concern, I will do my best to put the situation right as soon as possible. Customers are my business’s top priority.

This holiday, as you consider your long list of gifts-to-buy, think about whom you want to support: America, or some overseas factory? Think about how long you want the gift to last, and the quality of the products you’re looking at. And then, please, buy from one of America’s small businesses.
For everyone that supports small businesses: THANK YOU! We appreciate you more than words can express. YOU matter to us!

Thank you to Abigail Roy for your amazing help =) 

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