Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clutter overload

I hate clutter, things out of place around the house, or dirt on the floor is the quickest way to send me to crazy town.  One would think with a toddler in the house who happens to be our 3rd that I would be use to it.  Nope!  I have to have clean floors and counters like some people need coffee.  I admit I'm jealous of those that can just relax for a day and not let it bother them.  Whereas I try and it just nags at me over and over 'clean me clean me clean me' until I give in.  I certainly do not enjoy fishing wrappers and cereal out of the heat vents on a weekly basis thanks to Kiley, cleaning the litter box, dragging all the children on errands, scrubbing bathrooms, or laundry. Not only do I have an issue with clutter, I have an obsession with organizing.  I think those 2 go hand in hand.  My husband made the mistake of taking me to Ikea for my birthday one year and that is a place a organizing obsessive person such as myself will go crazy and turn into a giddy little school girl.  On the bright side my husband has learned it's easy to plan birthdays and anniversarys, just take me Ikea!

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