Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is it done yet?!

Yesterday was the craft show at Parcells Holiday Bazaar in Grosse Pointe Woods.  It started out busy and with us rushing around to get everything perfect and by lunch, slowed on down to a steady trickle.  Mind you I was sitting there like a puppy who had been cooped up in their cage to long.  I am not one for sitting still, I don't know if it's OCD and 3 wonderful children to clean up after or the fact I get bored sitting but I have to move!  Preferably run.  I'm the mom that runs through the house, back n forth, upstairs, down stairs, while telling the other kids no to do as I do*gasp*.  I can't even sew sitting!  Just the thought of parking myself in a chair makes my back cry and age 10 years.  Instead I prefer to stand at the counter and sew everything that way.  Thankfully I convinced my husband to do an entire wall of cabinets, who knew they would later become my sewing section of the house!  Now, begins the 'oh crap I forgot about that' part of the Holidays!  I secretly enjoy this part =)

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