Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It goes on and on my friend, remember that awful song?

Oh my goodness!  Our life has been crazy the last couple weeks, something that everyone can relate to I'm guessing.  Between Thanksgiving, the craft show, then our roof leaking, our brand NEW roof that is! Then it happened to be the room where I keep all my supplies for business/workout room, oh what a nightmare that was.  Now add in the last minute Christmas shopping, school, orders, supply shopping, and throw in a bit 'track down a contractor' game, errands, not being able to run while kids nap, while trying to find the supplies you do have that are now sitting in multiple piles in another room unorganized is enough to make you want to have a meltdown(that is if you haven't already).  We do not have good luck with contractors, that experience did not go well.  On the bright side 2008's layoffs paid off since my husband worked construction on the side =)   Now we can re-insulate/drywall the ceiling(I needed a good arm workout), finish Christmas shopping, Transfer everything BACK into place, wrap presents, school, deal with toddler meltdowns, finish orders, start/finish our annual bake a million cookies for the guys at work, aaaaaand them sit back and relax.  The only catch?  Hubbys sick.

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