Monday, September 21, 2009

Are we insane? July09

Ever notice when your finally happy with the way your life is going(which is rare in this day in age) and make plans, some higher power laughs at you and changes things up? Seems to be whats been going on over here. We were customizing our house to what we could want, making plans for both of us to return to school, then BAM....pregnant with #3. Which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't already living on top of each other and have 2 crammed into a 10x10 room already. So now on top of being pregnant we have the joy of house shopping. Well, I should rephrase that, "I" have the joy of house shopping with 2 small terrorists in tow. Nothing more fun then taking your kids to look at foreclosed houses that are in desperate need for repair and seeing your child eyeing up all the 'fun' things they can launch themselves off from, smack their sister with, or rip off the wall, bc, hey....its already falling down! We happened to have found one, the only catch? Its a foreclosed, great deal, but LOTS of work. Which should be intresting since I'll be 25 weeks pregnant if we close when we want to and going to have to work on it every day/night, while the terrorists play upstairs(the one area the of the house that was fine amazingly). Should be intresting when we do a inspection on the house and have to be there for a few hours, I'm curious/scared to see what kind of trouble they will cause, wonder if the house will still be standing afterward?

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