Monday, September 21, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday Feb4,08

My husband has been looking forward to do this day for weeks, well probably since the season started. Which is okay, because it gives me a reason to plan things and make all these cool superbowl foods. He informed me again the night before that he was going to go play basketball on MY morning to sleep in and catch up...sigh....on the plus side I woke up to Emily coming in the bedroom saying 'mommy get up' over and over to the point you just want to strangle her to shut her up(no that wasn't the plus side). No, the plus side was when she opened the door and daddy had breakfast, for mommy, and only mommy to enjoy =) Definitely can't stay mad at someone who makes you your favorite eggs(over easy) even though they say they aren't good at it(I think it's just a excuse).So off he went and the girls and I lounged around, well, I lounged around and ignored all the screaming, fighting, hitting, and spitting. I still do not understand what it so fun about spitting water into something that can be used as a cup, and then drinking it. Then to make it ever grosser(lol new word), maia will spit in a cup and then give it to Emily to drink and they think that is the most fun game in the world, umm.....eewwww!!!Finally daddy arrives home, and here I am thinking, okay, we're finally going to spend time together.....nope! Apparently the chili that I made last night just isn't good enough and would I please run to the store for more items? Can you say grateful? Finally home by 5:20, chili's perfect right at 6 in time for the show to begin. That is where hubby sat as a lump on a log for the next 4 hours. To be honest, the only thing I like about the game is the ad's and all the fun food that we make and gorge out on. lol and now it's back to working out just to work off what we ate last night!

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