Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation March08

So this week Vince is on vacation and we're suppose to be taking it easy and enjoying each others company. I get so excited whenever he is going to be home with us and not working. We've have been lucky enough to where he hasn't had to work any job or have school this week! This hasn't happened in almost 2 years! Now mind you, there's projects going on at work and there was a chance he would have gotten an extra 20-30 hours, which we could really use. If he would have kept working though there wouldn't have been anything except the usual stuff. It's not until you plan something that things come up like that. Instead of relaxing we seem to be running all over the roads and not having a moments break. On the bright side the kids haven't been begging us to go shopping since we've been doing it almost everyday so far, then again today they we're crying because they were 'sick'(means tired) and wanted to go home and play since they've been gone the past 4 days in a row. There's just no winning with them. Saturday one of my cousins got married, which was very exciting to me since it was someone who I grew up with and use to be very close to. The wedding was perfect and the girls were actually really good. All I could think of is, we're sitting the 2nd row and Maia is going to keep talking through the entire ceremony or yell things out. While everyone is getting situated my cousin came out to take his position and leave it to my husband to cat call to him. Everyone lost it they we're laughing so hard. It wouldn't be a normal or fun event if there wasn't humor throughout the entire thing. When the bride came down the isle Emily yells out, 'look daddy, it's a princess!' It was so cute! Everything went very smoothly and I am so thankful for that. We didn't get started for home until later, and as usual we could not agree on dinner. So after driving back and forth through Imlay City 3-4 x's we found a hole in the wall place to eat at 8 at night! Maia 'had' to sit on the table and we certainly we're going to fight with her when we ourselves are trying to stay awake. Sunday morning(I hate spring ahead time change) we forgot to go get maia around 4 to put her in her crib in our room so she slept. We heard them in the kitchen around 7:30 whispering all conspiratorial, I'm thinking greaaattt we're going to wake up with the house trashed and cabinets wrote on with marker. Instead they we're planning on how they we're going to come and wake us up. It was so cute that they both came in and jumped on the bed, I'm sure that if this was an everyday thing it would have been annoying and enough to wake you up grouchy, but they've never done it before. We also had a birthday party at Great Escape, I wasn't sure what the place was. Its like a Chuckie Cheese and putt putt golf, and go karts mixed. They had coupons so you could ride double and take the kids on them. Maia wanted nothing to do with it, but I assumed that after we got going she would stop screaming and crying like a banshee. I thought it was just because she didn't want to sit there, oops! I was wrong! oh well.....since we had never driven on the course or the cars before it was just us on the track. Emily rode with me and loved it, every time we would go around a corner really fast she was laughing so hard you could not help but crack up. I guess Maia hit behind daddy the entire time and only peeked out once when we passed them. Finally today, we had our family pictures. We(I) am terrible at checking around and finding the nicest studios and places to get photo's done, let alone make appointments. The only reason that I got our pictures done so soon was because I was able to make the appointment online and not have to call someone and try to hear them over the kids screaming and fighting. Mind you, when I'm not on the phone they're semi-quiet, but as soon as I touch the phone or it rings the kids have a million questions or are just plain whining and tattling that so and so took my toy..sigh.....The last time we took a family picture Emily was 6 weeks old, so yes, we're a little behind. Poor Maia, this is the first time that she's been in a nice family picture and shes.....2 and half! We were about 5-10 minutes late(of course) and ended up still waiting almost 40 minutes. Maia was her usual difficult self. You tell her to stand somewhere and she didn't want to stand there, she wanted to stand in the opposite spot, so we have one family picture of my holding her in place and it is very obvious. We tried getting a picture of the girls together, boy was that a challenge. One would smile, the other would look the other way, they would both look at the same time and one wouldn't be smiling or the other would have her tongue sticking out. I do not understand the fascination with having to stick out your tongue over everything! It's like second nature to them, I swear they are always doing it! 2 hours later we are all done and finally have everything taken care of and the kid's are now whiney, grouchy, crabby, and we have none of the errands done that we wanted to do. Isn't that how it's suppose to work though? All in all I'm glad it's done and we're finally crossing things off our to do list that have been on there since.....the beginning of time? Posted by mommy2dramaqueens at 12:50 PM 0 comments

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