Monday, September 21, 2009

Good ole weather Jan29,08

Good ole Michigan weather, first it felt like spring today. Kind of rainy but yet 52 degree's. Then tonight we're suppose to get snow! With mind you, a high of 16 tomorrow. Which never fails, tomorrow happens to be the day we have a ton of errands to do, including the dreaded grocery shopping with houdini. Not to mention we're busy for the rest of the week, when of course, the weather will be good. We can usually only make it to 1 big shopping adventure store a day, or at least before or after nap. Anything else sends her into meltdown, kind of like taking a guy with you to trying on a thousand different shirts, skirts, ect, and at the end of the day only buying 1 0r 2 pieces. Which always cracks me up, you would think that after we explain it a 100x's they'd get the message, but they don't, because they're, well.....guys. Houdini thinks it's 'fun' to sit in the grocery shopping carts side ways and lay down, then 2 seconds later try jumping out, or reaching for things that almost make her fall out. Even if my husband is home I feel bad if I just take Emily with me shopping(she loves to) because then Maia gets left out. Or it might have something to do with her screaming and crying that I may even think about leaving the house without her. Then again if I take her I'm ready to rip out my hair. So really it's a no win situation, and you just learn to deal with the stress as part of routine.The girls had a play date on the agenda for today, so last night I told them that if they were good and ate their dinner they could go see their friends. Which is a great way to keep them behaving, but bad because now they follow you everywhere asking if it's time to go yet. You can explain to them til your blue in the face, they just wanna go now. So today FINALLY came and they re all excited, driving me crazy while I try to shower and do my hair, constantly asking me 'we're going to play' 'I wanna play' 'we need to go' 'can we go yet'. Yes they certainly are patient, aren't they? Course after we get in the truck Emily tells me the dog's 'going to get her'. Where did that come from? She use to love them, now she's terrified of them. Instead of being all excited we get there and she just sits there! You've been driving me crazy for the past 24 hrs asking every 2 m's when we're going to go and your not going to play and just watch tv?! After about 30m's they finally got up and went and played and had a grand ole time. I swear kid's just do all that to see how long it will take for mommy to snap and bite heads off. Like tonight for instance, maia decided that she didn't need to eat dinner in order to get a cookie, and how dare we think that she should have to eat it! Yes, that was a great battle, but I won =) Is this what parenthood is all about?....sigh......time to go to bed and find out, oh wait, I already know the answer.

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