Monday, September 21, 2009

Gotta love Murphy

What a nice few weeks we've been having. Just like Murphy's law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, has gone wrong. Our basement is starting to get water in it again, thanks to spring and the ground thawing out. The roof in the corner of the garage is starting to rot, and everything needs to be replaced. Our back yard has turned into a pond whenever it rains, therefore making it into a soggy squishy mess that the kids can not play in. Well, I suppose they could, but I'm a mean parent that can't stand to get dirty, especially with mud! It just sends chills down my back at the thought of even stepping in it, let alone having to scrap it off the kids. Our truck seems to be making noises, and will it do it for hubby or the mechanics? Nooooope!!! It does it constantly for me, never stops, then when I go to meet with the mechanics or hubby it automatically stops and refuses to do it. I think my truck enjoys provoking me....sigh.....Well hubby replaced a house off the power steering pump*yay*. The downside? The truck is L-O-U-D or as hubby says 'squeals like a pig', and it gets even worse when you turn in any direction! Defiantly have had a few stares, okay....a lot.

Spring is finally here!! I love April, for me it is the beginning of summer when we make all our plans as to what we're going to do. Which of course all those things we plan maybe 1/3 of them actually get done. But hey, its the thought that counts, right? The goal is to do the roof, build a deck/awning, and possibly finish the privacy fence. Nothing like being stuck between 2 houses of family's that you don't get along with....long story. The girls are having a blast already. Thursday for something different I took them to the park to play. Last year I think we went all of a few times. I'm determined to get the girls out more to fun things and more social outings of course. I made the mistake of taking the girls to Chuckie Cheese on a Friday, DURING SPRING BREAK!!! Oh my word!!! What was I thinking? I should have known to turn around when I pulled in the parking lot and seen that there was NO parking spaces, but noooo I thought it would be fun. Well 20 m's later we were outta there. Talk about a mad house. Turns out there was a birthday party going on to. So instead we went ahead and drove over to the mall and hit the pet store.

Emily is terrified of dogs so we've been going there and playing with the animals which has seemed to really help her with her fear of dogs. Course I suppose its not really making a difference since they're puppies and not full grown, oh well, baby steps. They had the cutest shitzues(sp?)/bischons and we were playing with 2 of them and 1 of the fur balls was really wound up to the point he pee'd all over the floor. Of course that was the moment both children decided to get up and grab the toys, and stepped in it, then fell in it.....ewww! So after getting them to sit down, of course the puppies all up in it and the jumping up and down on everyone at this point, so now we're all covered in dog print pee. Now I'm remembering why I don't want a dog, I love them, I think they're soo cute and make a wonderful pet. Except I want an animal that is litter trained, which leaves cat. Yes I know there's some dogs you can train to do it, blah, blah, blah, but I'm lazy, I want it done yesterday. Besides, its bad enough trying to potty train kids, that is the last thing that I want to be doing, let alone having to clean up accidents, or crap all over the back yard. Then chance missing some and finding it on the bottom of my shoe, which is more then likely what would happen. Course I really fear finding Maia playing in it again, ugh! It can still make me gag thinking about it!

So today we went to the park(again), but this time daddy came with us and we were there (forever)for about an hour. They have this enclosed slide there, that's really steep and the opening at the bottom doesn't really give kids much time to sit up and catch themselves at the end before falling off the bottom. I had tried to get the girls to do down it a few days ago, they went down it once and weren't thrilled with it so didn't go near it again. Well today it became Maia's favorite thing to do while there. She flew down that thing so fast you had to catch her each time before she landed on her back on the ground! It was so funny to watch. Then daddy proceeded to try and go down, mind you this slide is barely big enough for a 4 yr old. While he got his leg stuck(yes I was at the bottom laughing, umm....I mean watching) and could not get it out, so he came down in some contorted position. After that the kids thought it was a blast because daddy was doing it also. After he figured out how to sit in there he did it a few more times(at least a half dozen), I was laughing so hard watching him at the bottom. He almost fell on his butt I don't know how many times, and yes, I was very encouraging to any stupid acts so I could have a great laugh. The only downfall to that park is you have to bath the kids when you get home, they get so dirty from playing there. But seeing them sooo excited is the best and worth it.

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