Monday, September 21, 2009

Who let the dog's out? Feb13,08

It wouldn't be a normal day if something didn't happen. Every morning when my hubby gets up to get ready for work he puts our youngest in a crib in our room. While this time when he picked her up to move her, she woke up for good, not only did she wake up, but so did Emily. I didn't know since I was half asleep. Meanwhile Vince is trying to calm her down(which shes having nothing of) and he tells me 'either calm her down or calm Emily down', E's crying to? Shes definitely easier so off to her room I went. I failed to notice that they re both practically barking, poor babies! We've never been through this before, so at the time we weren't sure what was causing it. We did albuterol treatments on Maia and gave them some cough medicine and Emily went right back to sleep almost instantly. Maia on the other hand decided she had enough of sleeping at 6 am and was up and not happy about it. She's the child that if she wake up 5 minutes before 9 am you are going to hear about it ALL day long. So about 7 daddy came in and got her after he called in to work. You know its bad when hes offering to call in to help, he never does that unless I'm puking! She sat on his lap at the kitchen table and scribbled a picture while daddy did his homework on the laptop. I got to go back to bed, I was honestly dreading have to get up early and dealing with whiney kids all by myself. Around 11 we got to go see the dr when of course she told us what we pretty much thought at the beginning, that it was croup. It never fails though, if we take them in, they aren't going to be sick, but if we don't then they end up getting so sick and either needing antibiotics or a 3 day stay in the hospital. On that end, better to be safe then sorry. I absolutely hate taking them to the dr, I would rather go through a root canal then take them there! 1. It takes them forever to get us in 2. The kids can't help but touch all the nasty germy toys 3. They(maia) runs around like a mad man because the rooms are so kiddish looking that she thinks it's 'fun' to be there. One thing great about kids being in school is you don't have to wait nearly as long. An eternity later they call us to our room while we walk the halls, maia running full speed ahead, we get in there and go through the usual routine. Afterward they want to weigh the girls, you certainly didn't have to tell maia twice! She was already running out the door for the scale before we registered what was going on. I have never seen someone of any age get so excited about standing on a scale. I certainly wish I had that enthusiasm! Shes up to 34 pds already!! I can't believe how much shes grown in just a year! Emily is only 17 months older then her and weighs 37, she is so tall and skinny you would never know it. Maia's starting to grow taller and lose her baby face =( Pretty soon she will no longer by my lil runt. After that excitement we went back to our room for the final part, of waiting for the dr to come in. Sometimes it can take only 15 minutes, others up to and hour. Thankfully it went by fast since maia was being her usual 'charming' self and wanting to run up and down the hallways, because staying in a room is just not fun! Meanwhile we're telling her repeatedly that if shes not good shes not going to get a happy mean, I know, what kind of parent feeds their kids that crap when they're sick? WE DO...Vince looks at me and says 'ya know, it's bad when we have to bribe them w/ a happy meal to be good'. I know you shouldn't bribe because it doesn't teach them anything, but I consider it as 'earning' a reward, we just have to keep reminding her of the prize at the end. Now at the checkout the kid's are begging for stickers and of course the have seemed to hire the most 'friendly' girl ever(sense the sarcasm). How can you work in a pediatricians office and not be friendly? How do you last at your job? You dealing with little kids, they want nice, happy, friendly, smiling people. Not scary, looks as though going to rip your head off types. oh well, at least we haven't been frequenting that place often this year, so I can't really complain. Afterward we ran through Mcdonalds for the happy meals and off home we went.Today was also the usual grocery shopping day, so I thought oh I'll just go tomorrow, but my luck the kids would be worse. So hubby sent me out shopping today which was a really nice break. Except for the fact of having to wait forever everywhere since it was after 1 that I got out of the house. I make it all of 2 miles from the house and realized, I can't find my phone anywhere! ARGHHH!!!! I hate doing that! Normally I'd just keep going, because people have survived without them before...GASP! But one, I knew I was going to be gone a long time, and two, I figured Vince would be calling for something he just thought would be great, or that I forgot, or something the kids would need. For the first time ever he didn't call, I almost felt lost! $200 bucks later I'm all done grocery shopping and warehouse shopping and now off to pick up a movie for the girls since their sick and deserve it while being stuck in the house. I happened to forget that it's 'rent one get one' night. It took 30 minutes to pick out 4 older movies!! I thought I was never going to get out of there, but if I came home with just 3 vince woulda said 'why didnt you get your moneys worth' or 'oh man, I've been wanting to see so and so'. 8 movies later I am home, grocery's are put away, and we're cuddling on the couch reading a magazine. While it was MY magazine, but my man had to constantly point out all the weight things, eat this to speed up metabolism, do this exercise to lose weight tomorrow, ect. Then came the one that said 'for every fast food meal you eat, you gain 1.5 pds'. YIKES!!! lol then last week was NOT a good week!

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