Monday, September 21, 2009

okay......... Feb22,08

Like Murphy's Law this week, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It has just been one thing after another here! We have been looking for a vehicle which is always a blast when you have to take kids with you. Which I'm even more thankful that we have a DVD player for the truck, considering they had to sit there for almost 2 hours. Wednesday was not Maia's day, everything she did, did not go as planned which made her get frustrated and growl, then eventually cry. We didn't even make it in the grocery store and she had a major meltdown, not to mention the other 4 she had while we were in the stores. I know I should be use to it, but it drives me crazy when they do that in the stores and then everyone's staying at you like 'what kind of parent are you' or the 'I'd never let MY child get away with that'. It is just been an emotionally exhausting week. This morning Maia woke up and said "I wanna sleep up there", meaning w/ me. I love when me kids wanna cuddle, that rarely happens, especially in the morning when they just want to get up and go eat. All of us except for Emily seem to be a funk here.On one of my many JoAnn trips the past week I bought the girls a foam princess necklace kit, thinking it would be good to work on the fine motor skills. I can't believe that they sell these things for 3 year olds and up! I myself had a pain in the butt time trying to put the string though the dumb holes on the foam hearts! I use to find the smallest allen wrench to help push it through it was that bad. I made the mistake of doing these crafts right before nap time, which made putting Maia down a 'blast'. 30 minutes later the temper tantrum has subsided. Wonder how tonight will go when we all go out?

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