Monday, September 21, 2009

Normal, is there such a thing?

We finally got snow! More then 5"!!! Course it never fails to happen when we have a million things to get done and errands to do, but I'm still excited! There was almost a foot of snow by the time the storm was over with. The only downfall, I had to leave the kids in the house while I plowed the driveway. This has to be the first time I've ever came back in and the house was in tact, as if they never got into anything. I love how excited they get whenever we get snow, its the coolest thing in the world to them. They can't wait to go out and have a snow ball fight or just plain run around in it. Anywho, one of our many trips was to go grocery shopping. The store that we shop at just recently got these carts in that are lil cars w/ doors so you can lock your child in and they watch a movie while you shop. I'll admit, I thought it was crap that you had to pay, even if it was a buck just to push your child around a store so they can have some kind of entertainment. The first time we did it I could not believe how fast the trip went and how quiet the kids were! I had to keep checking on them to make sure they didn't disappear! It's not like them to not fight, scream, throw a temper tantrum, or even be quiet for more then 10min's. Well this week, maia wasn't to fond of it, which made shopping a little bit more 'fun'. She'd try beating on the door as though shes in prison, or just climbing out the front and whining. One really nice thing? You can't hear the whining =) All in all, it was still worth if just for some sanity while shopping. It would figure that I would forget to pick up a gift for the wedding while we were out yesterday.

So last night after dinner we went out, again, but this time daddy came with us. Which I love when he's shopping with us, not just because he's there, but he can also see why everything seems to cost so much and that I'm not just buying whatever! While we were at it we went ahead and got things for the girls Easter baskets. It's actually challenging to find things that are healthy for snacks and cheap, along with toys that are good, but you aren't spending a fortune on! I couldn't believe some of the things that they had for toys and they were charging $5 bucks for this little itty bitty thing!!! What is up with that? After all that shopping and thinking that we're done and be excited that it was that easy to accomplish it, we realise that we have nothing for maia. Soooo.......back out we go.....eventually.

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