Monday, September 21, 2009

Potty Training Fun Fri, Jan18,08

Potty training, oh the fun. My oldest daughter who will be 4 in April has been doing great. Telling you when she has to go and rushing to the bathroom all excited that shes a big girl now. Then all of a sudden it vanished! She will hide and go anywhere except there, unless it's to pee, then she has no problems going. So you never know how many pairs of pants and underwear your going to be cleaning out a day. This child has the metabolism you'd kill for, I'm even jealous.On this particular morning she doesn't tell me that she did it. Mind you she wears diapers to bed for the night time accidents. As she;s getting dressed this morning she failed to tell me that she had an accident or that it was left behind on the kitchen floor. We also have friends coming over in a little bit and we woke up late so I'm trying to get Houdini dressed, kids fed, shows on, straighten my counters, and wake up so I can go shower and begin the dreaded fight with my hair. After I get out I realize there's this funky odor and its not coming from our cat. Grrreeaaat! Does it ever end? I track it down to what I 'thought' was my daughter trying to hide it, problem solved, shes sitting on the potty while I work on the rats nest. Few min's later it gets even worse and its not coming from the bathroom. You know it's going to be bad but yet you don't want to know, yet you have no choice. So you put on the brave face and go in search, which certainly didn't take long. Nope, I seen houdini playing by the trash and I know for a fact that she would not waste chocolate like that, because I have trained them well. The whole 4 feet of my walking I'm just praying 'please let her have climbed the cabinets to get the chocolate!!! oh please oh please oh please let it be chocolate, just this once!!!'. NOPE! As I get closer I can see her mashing her toys in it thinking its mud or something and just having a blast. I could not believe my eye's, it was horrifying, for a split second I was stunned speechless. First thing first, I go in to panic mode, you know with kids your suppose to be calm, and very specific. Well when your child's playing with poop as though its just play dough, your a freak of nature if you can stay calm.

Me: "STOP"
Her: Deer in headlights look
Me:" DON"T MOVE!!!"
Her: Furiously wiping her hands everywhere trying to destroy the evidence.
Me: (gagging to death) STOP STOP STOP!

Finally she just stops and stands there and I get her wiped down(basically bathed standing in the kitchen) and shes all happy and proud that she was playing by her self, quietly, and being an angel. I sometimes wonder if kids do this just to gross us out.

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