Monday, September 21, 2009

Dentist Fun Feb7,08

Yesterday was a unexpected surprise. We went about our usual routine of dinner and a movie in the truck and grocery shopping. Me being the bad parent that I am, bribed my kids with donuts, and told them if they were good, they could get one. I know I know, what kind of parent feeds their kid's crap?! umm....ME, quiet frankly whatever works to get them to shut up. Yes I love my children, but man do I miss peace and quiet. Then you get the wonderful people who get all snotty when you say that saying 'then why did you have kids?', don't you just love that? You mean you have never, not once wanted some peace and quiet or gone through a mood? can you walk on water to? Yes I'm a parent, yes I WANT to be the one to raise them, but it doesn't mean I can live without peace and quiet and no fighting for the next 18 years.....and I'm rambling again.So after the fun of grocery shopping, which I must say we made it 2 hours in one store and I didn't once have to raise my voice. "It's a MIRACLLEEEE".....okay so I'll leave the singing for another time. My husband who is in school PT has an extra credit class that he can take, mind you, this if the guy that had the best grade in the class last semester and had always been an A student without even trying. I know, it makes me sick to, and yes I admit its because I'm jealous. How could you not?! Anywho, we ended up getting a ton of snow like instantly so the school canceled all classes, of course instead of doing something fun and constructive. We sat in front of the tv most of the night. A few hours later him and Emily we're ruff housing and she went to get down(or fell, not sure which), lost balance, and went face first into the chair w/ mouth open. Now our poor child is gushing blood and screaming bloody murder, even though it's an accident you still feel like rotten parents. After we look at it, the tooth went up into the gum and is now loose.Today I had to take her to the dentist(with maia in tow) to get x-rays. First thing she says when we walk in the door 'Daddy broke MY tooth', and said it to everyone that looked at her. It was quiet comical, more so because for once it wasn't me that caused something. Back in the room now a few minutes later the nurse and Emily are talking and she's being a big girl about this and I'm sooo proud of her since it is her FIRST visit ever to a dentist! The dentist himself walks in, Em still hasn't gotten to the point where she will talk to guys, she ignored him and looked at the wall. Needless to say the nurse had to do everything, it was pretty cute though. Only took a few minutes but she let them take x-rays of her tooth and was smiling and talking the entire time. I was so proud of her and never seen her act so grown up before, ugh, time's going by so fast!!!!

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