Monday, September 21, 2009

One of those days Feb12,08

It has been one of those days where everything and anything seem to happen or go wrong. I'm almost afraid to touch anything at this rate. This morning we woke up late and we had friends coming over, and I still needed to work out and clean, which was not going to happen. Somethings came up and it was canceled, but nope, still didn't get any ambition to work out. So after I feed the girls and get them their show and start their morning routine I figure I better get in the shower since we have things to get done today and already have a late enough start. Get through the shower process, no fighting or screaming from maia, which was a miracle in itself. As I'm working on my hair I have Emily coming in every 3 minutes to ask 'what you doing mommy'. I know I know just tell her, I'm doing my hair. Well after the 3rd time it starts to get old, and you would think when you tell your child to stop asking your the same question over and over they would, but then they wouldn't be a child if they did that, now would they. Sooo.....after my patience are wearing thin because I'm horrible person that hates to be asked the same thing repeatedly a 100x's(how can that not drive anyone crazy?), I get done, grab my things to walk out of the bathroom, and what do I do? I drop my phone into the cat's water dish! What are the odds that my phone has to hit this tiny bowl of water? I swear it could have been a medicine dropper cup size and my phone would have hit it just right. Somehow my phone is still working. Course the #'s 2 and 8 don't work and you can't use any cursor keys. 3 hours later it is starting to work again, which I'm quiet surprised. After I did it, I was only able to call my husband, which I did to tell him. Talk about not thrilled, then again I can't blame him since I just did it 3 months ago w/ this phone and had to have insurance replace it, ooops! No when I go to leave voice mails on people's phone and your talking the phone(who has a life of its own) it presses the # key to end the message, it took 3 messages to complete 2 sentences, I'm sure the person who hears it is going to think I'm crazy and not call me back since I didnt have time to explain.After that fun the girls we're dieing of hunger, as I'm sitting there in the kitchen the sink is STILL dripping!! I'm going crazy with listening to it! I took it apart 2 weeks ago because I was told it was probably just a simple fix, nope! I still can't figure out what is wrong with it, even my man has looked it over, argh! Out into the freezing cold we went on a home depot mission, I was armed with a picture on my camera and relayed the story to them and they think its just the springs(crossing fingers). I never realized how much of a pain in the butt getting those springs in there was! I swear I was there for 15m's fighting the dumb thing as it popped back out again!! oh yes, I was in a 'great' mood. Now I remember why I hate doing projects and save them for hubby. It's funny how when it comes to project he can have the patience of a monk, whereas I'm bored to tears after 20m's, and its a record if I can make it that long. So far we've made it 30 minutes and no dripping, but last time we made it and hour, so we'll see. I swear between that, the dryer, and the kids screaming, fighting, and bickering over everything I feel like I'm going to snap and start screaming like Emily from the exorcist. It's only Tuesday and it has been a long week. Still have to go grocery shopping, clean some more, bake cookies, brownies, valentines cake, special dessert, do valentine crafts w/ kids, finish laundry, plan meals, track down the dr, finish my kitchen curtains, and a few other things that I know I have to do and are important but can't remember what exactly, all before Thursday morning. I'm not a procrastinator am I? Seems to be the only way we get things done around here. Like the fact I took out maternity(pregnant 2 yrs ago) and summer clothes out of my closet and I'm still waiting for hubby to help me drag them down the basement.

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