Monday, September 21, 2009

Sick & Shopping do not mix Thurs, JAN17,08

What is it about sick children that they think that they don't need a nap? Like any other day they woke up in good moods. Which is great considering we have a million errands to run and I can barely function, let alone deal with grouchy crabby kids. So right before we can leave we have to go through the check list. Bathroom, check, diaper change, check, socks on feet not hands, check, shoes, check, track down coats, check, find the water cups that they have managed to lose in less then 2 hrs, which that still baffles me. We have a small house, about 800 sq. ft. You would think that there wouldn't be many places those lil buggers could be hiding, but where theres a will theres a way, and that there completely describes my kids. It could be under the kitchen cabinets, hiding in the top bunk of their bed under the covers, between the sheets, in the pillow case, between the frame and the bed, under the crib mattress, in a kitchen drawer such as towels so it can leak all over and force me to wash clean towels all over again. As you can see that possibilities are endless for these girls. In fact, that latest 'cool' thing to do is twist the tops of their sippy cups. I can barely get these lids off because my husband puts them on so tight, and yet they manage it. My youngest is the pint size hulk I swear.We finally make it to the truck and hour later, get them in, buckeled, distribute toys evenly as to not start fights and listen to whining(like that stops them), they wanna watch a movie, easy enough, start the Veggie Tales, and away we go. Mind you we just got a DVD player for the truck this christmas and I can't even remember how I survived without one before! I have never had so much peace and quiet before, it's like a dream come true, no fighting, screaming, crying, or hitting(they sit right next to each other), just them sitting there dancing to the music.My youngest Maia hates to sit in carts with a passion, she's throwing a temper tantrum about sitting in those things before we even get into the store. Why did God give me a child that hates any kinda shopping? We finally make it to the warehouse kids are in the cart, so far no whining. We haven't even been shopping for 5 min's and she gets ants in her pants and is all over the place. This child is houdini, she can get outta any kind of grocery cart belt out there. I can have it so tight that she can't move and she will find a way to get out of that! So shopping with her is more like wrestling, you would never believe that she's disciplined, oh yes, God gave us a stubborn one, wonder where she got that from......So you let her walk around? HAHAHA She is all over the place, touching things, throwing things in the cart, sitting on displays, mine are the ones you see in the store saying 'If I ever had kids I would never let them do that'. Let's just say that my kid's have to go to the bathroom for 'talks' constantly while shopping, when I say kids, I mean houdini.One store down, but more to go. Which they think we're going home no matter how much I explain and say we have to go to the grocery store and buy things to make dinner this week. The cart process starts all over again, except this time it's the fighting to get the strap on her because being in carts is just nooo fun. We went in for 8 thing's, that was the longest grocery trip. I could've cried from happiness when we were done! After we finished the rest of the errands, we came home and it was about 30m's past nap time. So Maia of course didn't need a nap, she's a 'big' girl to. Sick kids, long day, miserable mommy, and no naps for anyone do not mix. I now have the crabbiest toddler on the planet to the point I want to rip out my hair and scream to drown out hers!! how much longer til bed time?

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