Monday, September 21, 2009

Never Ending Feb28,08

What a week! Everyday this week we've had something going on and been gone, or had people over, ect. My children's nutrition has been coming from McDonald's this week, the one day that I do feed them lunch because were 'actually' on time for once, something happens and we end up going out anyways, it always works that way when we 1. don't want to eat out or 2. trying to be cheap. Is that even possible when you have kids? I use to think that after we got maia out of diapers our grocery budget could be cut down, HA! Like that's ever going to happen. We had our 'normal' shopping this week and then Tuesday I had an appt. at 5:30. Smack dab in the middle of dinner time, which meant hubby would have to cook. So he insisted that it was alright I pick up dinner, I secretly think he didn't want to cook(neither did I). Since I hate being late for things I was planning on getting there in a time frame that I have set up for when kids and I have to be somewhere. While since I didn't have to get them ready to take, I made it 20 min's early(what was I thinking). This is the place that even if your 15-20 min's late your going to be waiting. There's just never away around it. For the first time, ever, the receptionist told me it would be at least a 1/2 hour and if I had some errands to go ahead and run them! I don't think I have ever been told that by a dr! 2 hrs later I am finally home feeding my children crap*ahem* I mean a mess free meal.Wednesday we woke up late(seems to be our thing lately), barely had time to work out, but to miserable not to. My latest thing is working out whenever possible, I'm determined to get back my body before we have another one. I know I know, a girl can dream, right? Well Emily loves to work out with mommy, which I think is great for her and I'm going to in courage that of course. It's really hard to get into the groove whenever you go to do a different move or stretch and there going, look mommy! look mommy! look at me mommy! I doing good job! Trying to praise someone a 100 times and concentrate on breathing in this positions that feel like they're going to be the death of you, is not fun. I can't wait until we get a bigger house and can bring our gym into the house. Why is it always easier to workout on a machine then to work out to a video or use hand weights?After that 'fun' we left to go grocery shopping. Now I know it's cold out, but you can't really tell because our house is blocked by so many things and the fence stops most the wind gusts. After we finally get a spot at the grocery store(at the end of the parking lot) we don't even make it 1/2 way to the store and freeze to death and just turn around and go back. We have never done that before, usually the cold doesn't bother us, but we were all shivering and complaining. Instead I thought it'd be a great time to just take in the truck and see why it's making this funny noise.Whenever I tell my husband that our vehicle's making a weird noise he thinks I'm making it up, okay......because I love to spend money on things I can't wear or enjoy? An hour later they tell me it's an idler arm, something hubby could fix, but he's going to be busy with work and school and we have a wedding to drive to next week. Lovely, $200 bucks later it's fixed and I'm wore out from keeping track of the girls run around this stinky tire place. Normally hubby is home from work a few minutes after 4:30 when he gets out, but that day he was taking forever! I was thinking, hey, maybe he's surprising us with dinner? Even though I highly doubt it since he hates eating out. After 5 he finally gets home and surprises us all right, he got pulled over! Funny how we both drop unexpected cash that day and almost the same amount, needless to say that put him in a funk. Though I find it hilarious, course my luck I'll get one for just saying that. We still haven't even made it grocery shopping this week either, and we get the 'pleasure' of going on a Friday now.

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