Monday, September 21, 2009

Snow Fun Feb2,08

I swear that everytime we make plans something comes up, like this time it was the weather. They were going on and on about how we were going to get almost a foot of snow. So just to be safe, I canceled a playdate, then come that morning we had all of 5" of snow. Whereas if I woulda kept the date, we would've gotten a ton. Oh well. So the girls and I instead decided to go to the mall. I must say, my children were on their best behavior to the point I was thinking they were traded! Usually whenever we go into say, Victoria Secrets so I can look and get some more things, my children are digging through the drawer's or picking off tags. That has has become the new 'in' thing to do. I'm glad that it's just that because the last time we were there it was a horrible experience. The girls we're bored(of course) with in 5 m's from getting in the store, so as I'm trying to pick things out, maia is somehow managing to get all the thongs out of the drawers and pull them on her head like a hat(sigh)....which then throws Emily into a fit of giggles, and then pushes Maia to even farther to make her laugh and putting as many as possible on her head, while re-arranging the drawers. Amazingly none of us have been told not to do that by the store employee's, could it be because we spend so much there? This time they were great, no touching of the drawers, or touching the bra's on the walls because they seem to be the 'crack' for kids. We we're there for 40 m's and not once were they a pain, can you say awesome? Needless to say I spoiled them with cookies from Mrs. Fields, how could I not? Off to another store we went, where the good behavior ended......on our way out the door we stopped at the pet store to play with all the puppies. It was funny watching them basically attacking this puppy with love and him going after them for all attention. Now trying to get them outta the store was not fun.They didn't get a nap so I thought it'd be a good idea to take them out and wear them out some more so they sleep really good =) I know how cruel.....So after dinner we took them outside to play in the snow, which then turned into a snowball fight. It's always hubby that start's it.. I know, what kind of parent teaches they're child to throw em, aye? The girls had a blast throwing them at mommy and daddy, the only problem was they kept ducking their face and not covering it. Needless to say, Em caught a few with her face! Really though, what can you expect when she's only 3.5 ft tall. They screamed and cried because after 30m's of being out there we were coming in. They could stay out all day and not get tired of it.

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