Monday, September 21, 2009

Morning mommy -From:Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So this morning, like well, any morning I woke up to my youngest daughters wonderful screams of 'mommy wake up'. She currently sleeps in a pack-n-play in our room that daddy transfers her into while hes on his way to work in the morning, because like me, she is not a morning person. Where as her sister is talking 90 mph as soon as you even touch the door knob to greet her. Asking you question after question and if you fail to keep up she just keeps repeating them until you answer, when your still piecing the first one together shes already shot off 4 more. Yeah it takes me a bit to wake up. Anyways, on this particular morning we all happen to have colds/sinus thing going on. Somehow, even though the kids are sick their acting normal, cheerful, bubbly, actually come to think of it, its above normal for them. Where as I'm miserable and feel as though I've been hit by a mack truck. All I want it 5 more minutes, just 5!!! So I grabbed my youngest and threw her in bed with me and told her to go to sleep(hey! I can dream can't I?). So she layed there, wriggled, kicked me in the stomach, rolled over, bashed heads, squirmed some more. Ever get that feeling that something is staring at you? yes, I open my eyes to have her hoovering over me smiling all cute and innocent. I tried to ignore it and pretend I was asleep, but even when its a child its impossible to do. Then it turned into a game for her 'lets see how much I can do before mommy opens her eyes'. Which can get quite scary for the person trying to sleep. You might get head butted, body slammed, kicked in the face, you just never know with that little munchkin. Yes, my sweet adoring angels we're at full force today. Oh I just love the sick season.

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