Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekends Tues, Jan22,08

Funny how after kids everything about your life changes. Friday nights use to be the best because we had all weekend to do whatever we wanted, go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, or see the latest movie in theaters. Now? Everyday is a Monday, there is no breaks unless hubby is here to take over the morning ritual so I can hog the bed all morning by myself. Now Friday nights are spent chasing kids, cleaning whatever was missed, finishing laundry, or working on projects for the house. Which for some reason the last one I can't seem to get anything done on. For every 1 thing that gets crossed off our 'house' project list at least 3 more add on. It's a never ending battle so we have learned. Our basement that needs to be painted, since.....we moved in? is still waiting for us to come down and pretty it up, heck even the paint's been sitting down there for 2 years just calling our names. I will more then likely be the one doing it, but I can only imagine what houdini will get into, break, or start. She knows right from wrong, but that doesn't mean she listens or cares.....sigh. Saturdays if hubby is working are spent on 'his' projects that 'he' wants done. Course lately it's been just him working on school work, so I'm thinking I might be free for the next 2 years from his projects? yeah right. Saturdays are the worst because he just wants to stay home and we have nothing to do. So we spend it going back and forth saying 'what do u wanna do?' 'I don't know, what do u want to do' ALL day. Its enough to drive you insane, your a grown man come up with ONE thing!Then Sunday, if it's football season forget about doing anything. He will be parked on the couch with the tv blaring, yelling at the players for not listening to him. Which then gets the kids all excited so they start yelling thinking it's 'cool'. I know a lot of people love sports, but I can't stand to listen to it all day and night! Not to mention he's into every sport except baseball unless the team's having an amazing season. I can't get to upset about it though, I just have my selective hearing with the kids. (kids screaming in the bedroom)'what do you mean they re crying, I don't hear anything' 'oh its probably nothing' Which I'm pretty sure he's caught on to, but he hasn't said anything yet so why ruin a good thing....

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