Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Fun Jan08

This week has just flew right by here! The girls are no longer sick*YAY* and for the most part are back to normal. So now its time to catch up. Why is it when your sick it takes almost a month to get back into the groove of things? Its frustrating at times, but there's nothing you can really do about it. So Wed was the usual grocery shopping day, which as always was a 'blast'(sense the sarcasm?) with houdini. We actually made it through the store with only 1 meltdown and not buying thing's that the kids may have slipped into the cart. They are notorious for that, somehow they are able to get thing's off the shelf, into the cart, then out of the cart, onto the checkout belt, purchased, and home before I realize that, hey, I didn't put that there! I don't know about other people but when I get sick my energy levels take forever to come back. So dragging 2 kid's in the snow, grocery shopping(that desperate for food), wore me out. Of course well they're 'suppose' to be sleeping I was stuck doing and folding the mountain of laundry that never seems to end. After they got up they get their usual snack of crackers, and after about 30m's of my daughter laying on the couch she looked at me and says in a demanding voice 'Mommy, Go make dinner'. I was stunned beyond belief, instead of telling her never to talk like that I laughed. The odds and timing we're just hilarious. Now daddy on the other hand got in trouble.

Yesterday we decided to have a 'family' date and go out to dinner. All morning houdini was crying over everything, apparently someone woke up on the wrong side of the crib! You even looked at her, asked her a question, god forbid talk to her, and that would set her off. It was the end of the world or something. Then while trying to give her Benadryl I managed to drop the plastic bottle and have the bottom crack open. $8 bucks worth of med's all over my bathroom floor....nice.....After nap she woke up perfect =) Except now, her sister woke up crabby, just can't catch a break(sigh). My husband doesn't understand the concept of giving the kids a snack on the way out to eat, or while we're waiting for food to kinda curb the hunger, and to stop the whining of them dieing from hunger because ya know we 'never' feed them. So we get to the restaurant and there's an hour wait. No way are they going to sit through that, so back to the truck we went. It would figure that we parked out at the very end of the parking lot. Over to another one we went and only had to way 5 min's. This has to be the first time that we've ever been to a restaurant where the was no crying, fighting, gagging, or hitting. It was like a dream come true. Plus Em was showing off her new ability to chew with her mouth closed. She looks like a cow chewing food, but with the mouth closed the entire time. It just cracks me up watching, and she's sooo excited that she can do a 'big' girl thing.

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