Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleaning Frenzy Jan08

Today has been one of those once in a blue moon days. The girls were perfect angels, and very helpful. We rotated the furniture in their room and cleaned everywhere and they helped and thought it was 'fun'. Amazingly I was able to get the bathroom cleaned, bleached, laundry almost done, and our bedroom spring cleaned a few months early. Usually the girls are following behind me tearing everything up and throwing their toys all over. So it was a break to have them so helpful today!Whenever we go to the library I let them pick out a few books that they want to check out as their special treat. Emily is in the stage where she's obsessed with princess's, so the first thing she does is look for any book remotely related to princess's. Then when she find's it she of course shout's(she doesn't understand the indoor voice thing) across the room 'I found my princess book mommy' over and over 3 or 4 times and is all excited. Where as maia could care less about what book that she's getting. Oh no, she's to busy ripping every book off the shelf as if I never take her out in public. By the time Emily has 3 books maia has about, oh, a dozen? That doesn't include all the ones I'm trying to put back. Somehow she can manage to grab a book from each 4 wall's of the room before I can find the spot where the first one is to go. I swear the girls that get stuck putting kid's book away groan when they see us coming, they know they're going to be busy for awhile after we leave. Mind you before we even go to the library I'm talking to them and reminding them that they have to be good, listen to mommy, and speak quietly because people are trying to read. Once we cross the doors to the library they become insane and run around like a raped ape trying to get everything. On the last trip, Emily found a barbie princess book that she really wanted, so of course I let her get it. Now 2 months later I still can't find it, I have teared this house apart! We re-arranged(or rotated as some call it) the living room and I was hoping that it might be under the tv or couches, or in the chair, but nope. Not under the kitchen cabinets(we still haven't gotten the face boards up), no where to be found in our bedroom. Which it shouldn't have been in there anyways since kids aren't allowed to play in there. I tore their room apart scouring every inch(or so I thought), and taking out the mattress's from the bunk bed, crib, pet net, ect. Then tonight when I went to move the baby mattress, I found that Em had stuck the book between the sheet and the crib mattress that was standing between their dresser and the closet! UGH!!!! On the bright side I won't have to buy the book from the library now! Why must kids hide everything their not suppose to?

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